Best Places to Power Nap

Power napping - it’s an art form.

To boost your energy, increase your productivity and stay sharp for the rest of the day, take an afternoon nap. That’s the advice from more and more studies (including one from Harvard Medical School) that reveal the health benefits of the proverbial power nap. Of course, if you’re a nine-to-fiver or more, finding the time for that nap can prove elusive.

Once you’ve experienced the power nap feeling and benefits for yourself, you’ll find the time. Then the only question remaining is where to take your nap. If you suspect that your boss or your coworkers would frown on you taking a power nap, you may not feel safe sleeping comfortably at your desk.

If you can, do it! Make yourself comfortable with a pillow, a comfortable sleep mask (such as the SleepSwag sleep mask) and noise-cancelling earplugs.

Where to Nap

But if you’re like most people, your boss may not understand the benefits of a power nap or buy into the philosophy that helps you be at the top of your game even late in the afternoon. So you need to find a new place to take that afternoon nap, a location that’s safe enough and comfortable enough to allow you the quality 15 to 30 minutes you’ll need for your power nap. Here are a few of our favorites:

recharj, Washington DC

recharj, a meditation and napping studio in Washington DC, steps from the White House offers a sanctuary for meditation and power naps. Their private napping space include a 6-foot Yogibo Max (a new-age bean bag), a full-body support pillow, and a throw pillow with a special message for you! Also included is a soft, clean blanket to keep you cozy and warm. Now doesn’t this sound inviting.

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Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 

Libraries have changed their ways. At Wake Forest University in the Z. Smith Reynolds’s Library, students can get their Zzzs in the tech-free ZieSta Room. The room feature 5 luxurious recliners that let you relax and recharge.

Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore 

SIN's most sleep-friendly features include free lounge chairs, low-lit relaxation zones, armrest-free seating at the gates, free massage chairs and easy chairs with handy mobile charging outlets. This airport is appreciated by its weary travelers.

Barnes and Noble, many locations 

And as a last resort there’s Barnes and Nobel. Every location has a different layout and different furniture so do some scouting before doze off. Find a section of books that no one reads. Grab a book off the shelf and fake the read.

Sweet Dreams,

--The SleepSwag Team

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