The Benefits of Sleeping Alone

We all know at least one person who either can’t sleep alone, or can’t sleep while sharing a bed with someone else. Maybe you fall into one of those categories. For those of us who do it by choice or necessity, there are actually some pretty good benefits to sleeping alone.

Many Adults Claim to Sleep Better Alone

According to a 2012 survey by the Better Sleep Council, 26% of adults in a relationship claim to sleep better alone. The same survey results also showed that 9% of adults in a relationship sleep in separate bedrooms!

Sleeping Alone Can Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

Who knew that sleeping alone could improve your waking hours? During a presentation at the 2009 British Science Festival, sleep researcher Neil Stanley made the case for sleeping alone. “Because sleep is as important as diet and exercise,” this article states, “maximizing our rest meant that we would be fitter, smarter, healthier—the sort of people, in short, we would want to cuddle with.” Related: Sleep Better Naturally with a Better Sleep Diet

Those Who Sleep Alone, Sleep Better

That’s right! In the same study conducted by Dr. Neil Stanley, “on average, couples suffered 50% more sleep disturbances if they shared a bed.” Related: 5 Ways to Improve Your Life with Better Sleep

Sleeping Alone Means More Sleep Freedom

There are many reasons why sleeping alone can be bliss. You have more room to stretch and spread out, you can keep the thermostat set to your ideal temperature, and you have the freedom to create your ideal sleep environment. Related: 5 Sleep Environment Upgrades for Better Sleep

Either Way, Sleep Better with a Sleep Mask!

No matter your sleeping style, your body will thank you for getting better sleep with a light blocking sleep mask. Our SleepSwag sleep masks are crazy comfortable, fashionably stylish, and available right here on our website for us to ship right to your door. Sweet Dreams, --The SleepSwag Team

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