Give Dad a Sleep Mask this Father's Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th.  Have you decided on a gift for Dad? Please tell us it’s not a tie.* Here at SleepSwag, our business is crazy comfortable, fashionably stylish sleep masks that help you get a better night’s rest. Our masks are made in the USA and designed to completely block light in the most comfortable way. We pay careful attention to detail with the design of our special wide band and high quality mask materials. Not all sleep masks are the same! By paying attention to quality and comfort, we consistently receive positive feedback from happy sleepers. Related: Testimonials from Happy SleepSwag Users

Dads Need Sleep, Too!

Maybe Dad is having trouble sleeping because of the glow from headlights shining through his window at night. Maybe someone you know is a new father and could use some relief from lights turning on and off throughout the night while checking on a newborn (if that’s the case, you should probably get a mask for Mom, too). Maybe Dad doesn’t necessarily have a problem he can pinpoint with his quality of sleep, but would like to achieve a better rest overall. Related: Benefits of a Sleep Mask There are plenty of reasons why Dad could use a thoughtful gift like a sleep mask for Father’s Day! Once he’s slept well one time with one of our masks, he’ll never want to sleep without one.

Give Dad a Sleep Mask to Fit His Personality

With 20 unique mask patterns in our shop, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one for Dad. Check out some of our more popular patterns, click here to browse through our Shop.    

Let Us Help!

Do you have questions about whether a sleep mask is the right sleep aid option for you or your loved one? We would love to talk to you! Email us at, fill out our contact form on our About page, or continue the conversation with us on social media:

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Make sure to tag us on social media and tell us about your SleepSwag experience! Sweet Dreams, --The SleepSwag Team Emoji wearing a silk SleepSwag sleep mask in pattern: Midnight Minnie   *We are definitely aware that there are some pretty fantastic ties out there that could be an exception to this rule ;)

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