Hey there! I'm feeling super grateful right now, and am reflecting on 2018 as we get closer to the new year.

  • 2018 has been a huge year of growth for my small business SleepSwag. I've even hired an amazing woman, Kristin, to work with me a couple days a week as orders increase and I need help keeping up.
  • We have added six new products to our website. I'm grateful for all the great responses we've been getting from customers!
  • Family is number one for me. I'm grateful for all of the time I've spent with my boys this year. They're all spread out over the country, so I take what I can get!
  • Super grateful for my friends and sister goddesses, who are always cheering me on.
  • I'm grateful for my wonderful manufacturer Andrea, an amazing seamstress and person.
  • I'm grateful for every order I get (I still get a little giddy over every single one)
  • I'm grateful for getting to pursue my passion by helping my friends, family, and community get a better night's sleep.
  • I'm grateful when I hear from a happy customer telling me how much they like my products.
  • I'm super grateful for my wonderful husband Scott who supports me every day in my personal journey: in empowering myself and all women, and in managing SleepSwag.
  • I'm grateful for all the women entrepreneurs who support me: T Spheres, KJ Blattenbauer, Lulo Swimwear, Charliemadison Originals, Dana Young Jewelry, Sun Lovin' Roots, Poofy Organics, Michelle K. Yoga, Haley Duke,  Sherita Janielle, Rachel Weisberg, and Wylde Lingerie.
  • And not to forget my biggest fans...I'm so grateful for all of you who have supported me and my small business SleepSwag over the past three years
  • Cheers to years past and to a happy and successful 2019!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!


Susan 💜

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