How To Binge Watch Netflix And Still Get Sleep

Keep Binge Watching: SleepSwag’s Got Your Back

For most of us, it’s a place we find ourselves every night: on the couch, body squished between the couch cushions, head propped up by a throw pillow, so many episodes into the Sex and the City reboot we’re not even sure what time it is anymore. Surprise, it’s 1 A.M.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the extra episode is cutting into your sleep time: nearly 9 in 10 American adults say they lost sleep because they stayed up to watch multiple episodes of a TV show or streaming series ( And we already know the list of things we should be doing: reading a book, getting some extra work done, just going to bed on the early side.

So what’s getting in the way of me opening up a new novel before I hit the pillow? I don’t really want to! I want to know what Ted Lasso will say next and I want the answers tonight! In lieu of telling you what you should do, I’m going to to tell you what I actually do. If you’re going to stay up till midnight finishing Squid Games, it might take a few extra steps to make sure all six hours of sleep you get count.


Wear a Sleep Mask!

I’ve said it once (okay dozens of times) and I’m saying it again, light definitely isn’t part of the recipe for restful sleep. And with all those blue waves we packed in before bed, maybe putting on a sleep mask right after cancels it out? Right? It definitely can’t hurt.


Take a Nap!

Let’s be honest, Squid Games was Messed Up. And it kept you awake all night. And somehow, even after all the nightmares, you’ve still got a two hour block carved out to finish the season the following night, so you’re gonna need to stockpile some REM (even if it isn’t like “REM” REM).


Maybe a Bath?

Hear me out. Your laptop fits just so perfectly on the toilet seat across from the tub. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of doing it. And by the time the episode’s finished and you get out of the bath you’ve lulled your body into a deep, pruny slumber.


Sleep Mist

Everyone says that Paris smells a little stinky, but Emily In Paris makes it look like the subways are lined with lavender fields. You are not in Paris. And Netflix is probably misrepresenting things a little. Plus, your partner snores like the actual train. Spray some lavender sleep mist on your pillow. A little escapism never hurt anybody.


Happy Binging!

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