How to Pick Out a High Quality Sleep Mask

We’ve spent a lot of time giving you reasons WHY you should use a high quality sleep mask, like in one of our latest blogs, 5 Ways to Improve Your Life with Better Sleep. Now that you’re convinced about the awesome benefits of a sleep mask, do you know where to start? Not all sleep masks are created equal! We’ve come up with a list of ways to check to see if your money is being well spent on a sleep mask, as well as how our SleepSwag sleep masks compare!

Completely Blocks Light

Let’s start with the obvious: does the sleep mask actually do what it was designed to do? By using an eye mask to completely block light while you sleep, you’re trying to convince your body to create more melatonin to help you catch better ZZZ’s. If a mask is letting any light in while you wear it, it’s definitely not high quality and not doing its job! SleepSwag sleep masks are extremely effective at blocking out light. Our masks feature black silk on the inside to help achieve total darkness and contoured eye pillows for a better fit. The overall design of our mask, combined with the materials we use to create it, result in a plush and comfortable wear that will be a welcome addition to your bedtime routine.

High Quality Materials

If a sleep mask is going to be in contact with your skin for hours at a time, it’s important to know what kind of materials it is made from. Some materials are more breathable than others, and for those with sensitive skin it’s even more important to be aware of anything that could potentially cause you problems later. SleepSwag sleep masks are made with two layers of 100% cotton batting, wrapped in a luxurious layer of silk, with a comfortable wide spandex band.

Comfortable Band

Have you ever bought a pair of sunglasses that you thought were your perfect fit, only to find out later that they’re so tight you get a headache after wearing them for 30 minutes? Prevent unexpected discomfort by making sure to inspect the band of a sleep mask before buying. A low quality band will make it more likely that your mask will slip off your head or mess up your hair while you sleep. We’re pretty proud of our high quality band design. Our exclusive “one size fits all” band is wider and more comfortable, with no Velcro attachment to snag pillows, bedding, or hair. A wider band means a more comfortable fit, and ensures our mask won’t move around when you sleep.

Company Standards and Ethics

Finding a mask that works for you is all well and good, but what about the company behind it? If you’re going to support a business by buying a product, it’s a good idea to know a little bit about where your money is going. Where is this company located? Are hiring and general business practices fair and equal? How important are ethics to this business? SleepSwag is a woman-owned small business based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Terri Hetzel and Susan Kitson, founders, created SleepSwag “because we wanted to sleep when it made the most sense for us, and because it was impossible to find a mask we thought was worth buying. Our masks are made with love and passion in the USA and where applicable, we source every piece of our mask from businesses based in the United States. SleepSwag also makes every effort to be socially and environmentally conscious. We also support local charities—doing our best to support our local community. Related: 6 Reasons You Should Sleep with SleepSwag

Match Your Personal Style

We understand that just because you wear our masks when you’re asleep, it doesn’t mean you don’t want it to reflect your own personal style! That’s why we offer 20 different patterns to choose from in our shop. With that many options, you’re sure to find one (or two, or three…) to be your next fashion accessory. Join the conversation with us on social media:

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Let us know what you look for in a sleep mask, or just stop by to say Hello! We look forward to hearing from you. Sweet Dreams, --The SleepSwag Team Emoji wearing a silk SleepSwag sleep mask in pattern: Midnight Minnie

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