What's your Chronotype?- Discovering Your Sleep Patterns.

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Are you an early riser? A snooze button specialist? A midday napper? An early bedtime expert? These sleep behaviors are not just personal preferences but are actually preconditioned circadian patterns. Your sleeping patterns are classified with “chronotypes”, which define individual levels of activity, alertness, and rest rhythms throughout the day (Casper). Your chronotype is measured through your body’s biological clock and falls into one of four categories: The Bear, Wolf, Lion, or Dolphin. Understanding your personal chronotype can help you identify and accept your body’s natural rhythm and schedule, rather than forcing sleep patterns that just don’t work for you. So what is your chronotype?

The Bear

The first chronotype is the Bear. This chronotype follows the solar cycle, meaning that their sleep schedule aligns with the sun. Bears easily wake in the morning and fall asleep at night without any trouble. After a typical eight hours of sleep, this chronotype is productive in the morning and early afternoon, but normally struggles with a mid-afternoon slump. About 55% of the population makes up this chronotype and are known to be extroverted, portray a happy demeanor, and have a continuous flow of energy (Healthline). If you identify as a Bear, the next time you hit that afternoon decline pull out your Alive Crystal Mist to boost your mood and uplift your spirit!

The Wolf

Wolf chronotypes are most productive at night and often have trouble waking in the morning. This chronotype thrives with a wake up call around noon, and is at their most productive from about 12PM-4PM. The wolf can also be seen as a night owl as they have bursts of energy after the sun sets and struggle to wake when the sun comes back up (Healthline). Making up about 15% of the population, wolves tend to be highly creative, introspective, and introverted (Casper). If you’re a wolf and struggle getting out of bed in the morning, keep a bottle of Aura Room & Body Mist near your bed. Start your day with a light mist around your room to heighten awareness and elevate your mood!

The Lion

The Lion chronotype has high energy in the morning and low energy at night. This means that waking up early is a breeze, but the afternoon slump hits hard and results in a power nap to recharge. With a lot of energy in the morning, it’s important that lions get at

least eight hours of solid sleep while also taking time to decompress at night. Lions make up 15% of the population and are known to be early risers and charismatic, natural leaders (Casper). In order to get the most out of your afternoon power naps, use a Crystal-Infused Lavender Eye Pillow to deepen relaxation and recharge.

The Dolphin

Dolphins are the most sensitive chronotype, and are known to have anxious sleeping behaviors. This chronotype rarely gives into sleep willingly, but rather sleeps out of necessity. Because of this schedule, dolphins have a hard time falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning, but once they get going their productivity reaches its peak mid-morning (Casper). Known for being highly intelligent, yet scatterbrained, Dolphins make up about 10% of the population. In order to drift to dreamland more easily, Dolphins should consider adding a Silk Sleep Mask to their nighttime routine as darkness signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep!

Whether you identify as a Bear, Wolf, Lion, or Dolphin every chronotype has its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your chronotype and catering to it will help you to get the most out of your sleep schedule and boost productivity and efficiency. Perhaps more importantly, this knowledge will aid you in determining when it’s best for you to be intentional about taking a break to recharge.

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