5 Natural Sleep Aids to Try

Is it just us, or are natural sleep aids becoming more and more popular? Here at SleepSwag, we’re interested in learning about and sharing the different ways people fall asleep, stay asleep, and achieve a better quality rest. Recently, we’ve learned a little about natural sleep remedies that are easily accessible. Some of these ingredients you might already have in your own home! Continue reading for 5 natural sleep aids we think you should try out.* Sometimes, finding the freshest, high-quality ingredients is as easy as a trip to your local food co-op or farmer’s market.


Chamomile is a flowering herb with mild-sedative properties. It is commonly found in natural medicine as it has been used to treat ailments such as inflammation, muscle spasms, and even menstrual pain. Arguably the most common use for chamomile, however, is in herbal tea. Further reading:  Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future | U.S. National Library of Medicine Try This:  Deep Sleep Tincture Recipe | Mommypotamus


Lavender is not just that pretty plant in your garden! Dried lavender is often used in herbal teas, and lavender oil is common in aromatherapy because if the widespread belief of the calming effects of its aroma. Try This:  How to Make Lavender Essential Oil Extract | Condo Blues

Valerian Root

Valerian root has had many uses throughout history. Today, because of its sedative qualities, it is commonly used as a natural medicine treatment for insomnia and/or anxiety. Try This:  Valerian Root Tincture Recipe | Mommypotamus

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is the common name for magnesium sulfate. It has a variety of uses—athletes will use it to ease the pain of sore muscles and it can be a gardening aid--but is often used in baths to help relax and unwind. Many believe that magnesium assists in lowering stress levels and that taking an Epsom salt bath is a great way to try and absorb magnesium through the skin. Try This:  DIY Healing Epsom Salt Bath | Hello Glow

Essential Oils

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing. Not only can certain scents help change our mood, but they can help us recall memories, as well. For example, some people claim that just the smell of coffee can cause a morning energy boost. For someone else, the smell of an apple-scented candle might bring back memories of the apple pies that Grandma used to bake. That being said, wouldn’t it make sense that if you smell calming scents near bedtime or while you sleep then your dreams would be calmer, too? Try This:  9 Best Essential Oils for Sleep | Savory Lotus

Natural Sleep?

What helps one person sleep better may or may not help another person achieve a better rest. We recommend learning about and trying out different sleeping methods to find what works best for you. And, as always, our favorite natural sleep remedy is a light blocking SleepSwag sleep mask. Click here to check out our online store. How do you feel about natural sleep methods? Is there something we should know about that we did not mention here? Continue the conversation with us on social media:

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We’d love to hear your thoughts! Sweet Dreams, --The SleepSwag Team Emoji wearing a silk SleepSwag sleep mask in pattern: Midnight Minnie   *We’re not here to diagnose or to treat anyone. We’re just crazy sleep lovers who want to make people happy and sleep better through the use of sleep masks, which you can find here in our shop. If you have concerns about your health, or are thinking about making changes to your diet or lifestyle, we always recommend consulting a trusted doctor first.

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