SleepSwag Sleep Masks and Student Success

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed. As parents of college students, sometimes it can be hard to do much more than respond with encouraging words as our children stress out over difficult coursework, essays, and exams. We can’t do their work for them, but there are times we do consider it--especially if we see stress taking its toll. If you’re looking for a way to help, consider gifting your hardworking student a sleep mask. There are many sleep mask benefits that would be perfect for someone stressing over academia.

Short Term and Long Term Benefits

According to an article by the University of Minnesota, “skimping on sleep can cause concentration problems, drowsiness, and irritable moods that affect the way your work is delivered the next day.” The article goes on to state that in the short term, lack of sleep from activities such as late night study cram sessions can lead to increased stress, disturbed mood, and can impair one’s ability to concentrate. In the long term, continuing habits leading to lack of sleep can increase the risk of long term health impacts such as:  heightened risk of diabetes, increased risk of certain cancers, high blood pressure, depression, and obesity.

Better Sleep Promotes Better Learning

Not only does sleep promote concentration, but a good night’s rest can help your overall ability to retain information. According to a resource from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, “evidence suggests that various sleep stages are involved in the consolidation of different types of memories that being sleep deprived reduces one’s ability to learn.” The study makes a connection between sleep and different types of memory. Not only is sleep important for remembering facts and chunks of information, but it is also important for remembering “how” to do something. Your student might see benefits in sacrificing sleep in order to prepare for a big test. However, in the long run those habits will be his/her worst enemy. You can help promote a good night’s sleep by gifting your student a comfortable (and stylish) sleep mask.

What is a Sleep Mask?

A sleep mask is essentially a blindfold-like eye covering that blocks light from reaching the eyes. Sleep masks are perfect for someone who wishes for a better night’s sleep. Masks remove distractions such as light from passing cars or streetlights, alarm clock light, or distracting light from the actions of others sharing the sleeping area. For a college student, sleep masks come in handy in shared dorms where one person might be ready for sleep, but the other person may stay up late studying under a lamp or using a laptop or other bright screen. SleepSwag masks for men and women are handcrafted in the USA, are crazy comfortable, and they come in unique styles and patterns suited for every personality. With comfort in mind, our masks are lined with silk and contain 100% cotton batting. Through many hours of research and testing, we have even designed a unique, comfortable band to make our product unlike any other eye mask on the market! Click the images below to check out some of our most popular styles, or search through all 16 designs in our Shop!   


 Sweet Dreams! -The SleepSwag Team Emoji wearing a silk SleepSwag sleep mask in pattern: Midnight Minnie

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