6 Reasons You Should Sleep With SleepSwag

Until now, we've given you a lot of reasons why you should get a better night's rest and how a sleep mask is a great way to achieve that. However, today we would like to tell you why you should be using a SleepSwag sleep mask.

You're Supporting a Small Business

According to Forbes, there are many reasons to support a small business:  "Their value to our economy and more specifically--your local economy--[is] just as important." To learn more about SleepSwag, a small business based out of Asheville, North Carolina, visit our About page. This brings us to our next point...

You're Supporting Products Made in the USA

That's right! Where applicable, we source every piece of our mask from businesses based in the United States. Here at SleepSwag, we DO NOT support businesses that profit from poor/illegal labor practices in other countries.

You're Supporting a Local Economy

Because we source our materials and create our products in the United States, you can be assured that your money is helping to support local economies. In fact, we support local charities--doing our best to support our local community, as well.

You're Getting a One-of-a-Kind Product

Our products are backed by many hours of research and testing to ensure that our customers get the BEST sleep mask on the market. We also use high-quality materials, our silk sleep masks include a wide spandex band, which is extremely soft and won't crease the hair, and 2-ply, unbleached cotton to block out any light.

Supporting a Woman Owned Business

Girl power! Even in the 21st century, women don't always get the credit they deserve. According to the National Women's Business Council, women-owned businesses have an economic impact (in the U.S.) of nearly $3 trillion! By purchasing a SleepSwag sleep mask, you're not only getting a better night's rest, but you're supporting female entrepreneurs.

Made With Love and Passion

We put a lot of love and thought into our sleep masks, you'll notice our attention to detail in every wink. By purchasing one of our masks, you are helping make someone's dreams come true--in more ways than one!

Thank You

We want to thank you, Reader, for taking the time to learn more about us. If you weren't a fan before, we hope you are now! Interested in learning more? Contact us, or check us out on social media:

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Sweet Dreams!

--The SleepSwag Team 

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