5 Smart Ways to Make the Most of a Long Flight

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or preparing for your first big trip, traveling by airplane can either be a breeze ... or a disaster. No one wants a trip to start out on a sour note. Check out these simple ways to prevent your long flight from dragging down your trip:

Pack Smart

It's easy to agonize over how to pack a suitcase for a long trip. We've been there! It's easy to spend more time researching packing methods than we do actually packing. There are many reasons why we strategically pack our suitcases, but how often do we strategically pack our carry-on? Plan ahead for what you might need during a flight, and keep it in an easily accessible location. We recommend keeping a small bag in your carry-on with your travel staples inside. When you need a sleep mask, Dramamine, headphones, or snack:  who wants to dig through a cluttered carry-on in a cramped space? On social media, we recently shared a great resource we found:  Free Travel Guide:  Packing Your Carry-On Like a Boss

Wear Smart

We feel like travel wardrobe choices can easily be the most neglected part of a travel plan. If you're going to be sitting--and possibly sleeping--in the same seat for hours at a time, plan your outfit accordingly. Plan to wear comfy layers that you can easily add and/or remove during temperature changes. This can be especially helpful if you're traveling from a hot to cold climate, or vice versa. If your jeans cut into your hips or tend to make your legs go to sleep, you're going to be in for an uncomfortable ride. Comfortable shoes are important, too! Wear shoes that you can easily slip on an off during security checks, but will also not hurt your feet during the flight. Tip: Before you decide to prop your bare feet up on the seat in front of or next to you, think about if you're being considerate to those around you ;)

Hydrate Smart

Some people might be surprised that a long flight can take a serious toll on the skin. We've heard (and experienced) stories of dry skin, clogged pores, and triggered breakouts just from being exposed to cabin air during a flight! Every person is unique, but the easiest thing we can do to prevent unnecessary skin situations due to airplane travel is to simply keep hydrated! Skip the sodas, at least during the day of travel. They can dehydrate you more than quench your thirst. Stick with plenty of water before and during your flight. Not only can you avoid jitters from a sugar or caffeine overload, but you're also keeping your body and skin hydrated and fresh.

Snack Smart

While you're keeping hydrated, it's important to pay attention to what else you're putting in your body. We can't always choose what options we have for an in-flight meal, but we certainly have more freedom in deciding what snack to pack in our carry-on! Stay away from high salt, high sugar, empty calorie snacks. Instead, go for healthier alternatives that will keep your belly, and attitude, in top shape. A simple Google search will find you plenty of blogs with healthy travel snack ideas, so don't be afraid to do some research. Here's one we found from The Kitchn:  The 5 Snacks We Always Take on the Plane Of course, airlines have certain rules for what is and is not allowed through security checks, so make sure to double check this information before you travel to avoid finding yourself in a bind.

Sleep Smart!

This is especially important if you are traveling between time zones. For a long time, we just assumed that we would have to write off what could  equal a FULL DAY of our vacation because we knew we'd have to get our sleep schedule on track. When someone asks, "How was the first day of your trip? Did you do anything exciting?" no one wants to respond with, "Well, it was just a lot of napping..." If you know you're going to need to get some sleep, plan for it. Remember that travel staples kit you packed in your carry-on? Make sure you remembered your sleep mask! They come in handy during a flight, especially if you're trying to sleep while it's still daylight outside and that kid in the seat in front of you keeps opening and closing his window.

Don't have that sleep mask yet? You're in the right place! Click here to check out sleep masks for men and women in our shop. Recently, we shared on our social media a great article:  10 Tricks For Falling Asleep On A Plane - And Staying That Way Before and during your flight, keep in mind what the time is at your destination. By setting yourself on this schedule (as much as you can) ahead of time, you can help ease the severity of impending jet lag. Check out this cool article from NPR:  This Jet Lag App Does The Math So You'll Feel Better Faster 

Overall:  Just Plan

Time spent traveling is often the most annoying part of an amazing trip. By planning ahead, you can help make your trip as relaxing and enjoyable as it can be. Are you traveling with SleepSwag? Join the conversation and tag us on social media  to let us know how we've helped!

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Safe travels! -The SleepSwag Team Emoji wearing a silk SleepSwag sleep mask in pattern: Midnight Minnie

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