Get More Sleep in the New Year

In 2018, I will eat healthy more often.”                              

“In 2018, I will go to the gym, every day.”

“In 2018, I will clean my house, every week.”

As the new year approaches, and we craft new and lofty goals for the coming 365 days, we at SleepSwag have a resolution of our own— one that requires slightly less work:

“This year I will sleep more and I will sleep better”

Though for many the dawn of 2018 means a night of little sleep, with the help of a sleep mask and maybe a spritz or two of our crystal sleep spray, we’ll be doing our best to make up for lost time. Why get up on the first when you can sleep 'til the second?

The start of a new year also brings for us a process of reflection, on the past year, on our founding back in 2015, and on our plans for 2018. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come, from just a few sleep masks to our expansion into sleep sprays and eye pillows— what started as a small project has become a full-fledged mission to help our friends, family, and community get an extra wink, even while the world around keeps bustling. While we may be reaching into new avenues, our mission and commitment are the same, and our big plans for 2018 will reflect that. We can’t let you in on the secret just yet, but don’t worry, and of course, don’t lose any sleep over it.

As always, we love our SleepSwag community, and we can’t thank you enough for your support— but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. If you’re looking to get some new SleepSwag and catch up on sleep in the new year too, make sure to use our promo code PARTYSWAG for 30% off at the checkout.

Thank you for such an amazing and exciting year— we can’t wait for the bright future that awaits us in 2018.



P.S. On second thought, if you’ve got your sleep mask or eye pillow on, maybe 2018 won’t be so bright, but you get the point.

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