The Holiday Dream Gift

It’s gift-giving season! If you’re like many, you want to give your special friends and family an unforgettable gift — of course, without appearing to have agonized over the choice. On one hand, it’s the thought that counts; on the other, the desired wow factor can be pretty high for someone you care about. SleepSwag is here to help. Why is a SleepSwag sleep mask the perfect gift? It shows you care. As a gift, a sleep mask relays the message that you care about the person you are giving the gift to and their health. The most comfortable sleep mask, SleepSwag sleep masks allow the wearer to sleep better naturally. In fact, gifts that are beauty/health oriented are trending this holiday season. It goes without saying that getting your Zzz's plays an important role in your physical health. By using a sleep mask on a consistent basis, men and women alike enjoy a deeper sleep. Related Blog: Benefits of a Sleep Mask

It’s a stylish and tasteful gift.

It will be love at first sight. A silk sleep mask – ooh la la. Look for SleepSwag designer sleep masks in a variety of patterns, design and colors that match the personality and style of all the people on your list. They’ll sleep in style. A SleepSwag sleep mask is a gift that everyone can use and love.

SleepSwag sleep masks are no ordinary sleep masks for sleeping.

You’ve done your homework! Unlike other sleep masks, ours are:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Created with a lower-edge pillow for comfort
  • Super soft with a black silk lining
  • Designed to stay in place
  • Blocks light
  • Wide comfy band – no Velcro
  • Amazing and unique silk fabric designs
  • No discrimination - both women and men’s sleep masks
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Ultimate in Multi-tasking

The SleepSwag sleep mask is the ultimate in multi-tasking: it’s stylish and fun, all while being used by men and women of all ages with different needs. SleepSwag eye masks extend beyond just nightly use and are ideal gifts for someone who likes to travel, nap, meditate, sleep in, or camp. Give it to an insomniac new mom and dad or an insomniac old mom and dad. It’s also for more than just sleeping — wink, wink.

Make a Choice

Your only decision now is which color and silk design pattern to give to each person on your shopping list. But don’t sweat it; there is something to suit every personality and style. Order one for yourself while you’re at it. Wake up every day feeling relaxed, totally refreshed and inspired to take on the holidays. SleepSwag silk eye masks are a great natural way to get a better night sleep. Visit our SleepSwag online store at or find a SleepSwag retailer to check out our incredibly comfortable and stylish options. Wishing you the best night sleep and Happy Holidays! -The SleepSwag Team

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