How a Sleep Mask Contributes to Better Sleep

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Sleep is an essential companion in our lives. As essential as this companion is, so many of us struggle desperately to make friends with this ever so basic human need. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “sleep deprivation is commonplace in modern society, but its far-reaching effects on cognitive performance are only beginning to be understood from a scientific perspective.” Whether it’s a busy schedule, or tossing and turning that keeps us up at night, lack of sleep has a real effect on our day-to-day lives. Before turning to a doctor for a prescription sleep aid, consider using a sleep mask as a natural way to sleep better.

Blocks Light to Sleep During Any Time of Day

A sleep mask, also called an eye mask, is a light-blocking fabric that covers the eyes while being held in place by an elastic band. During rest, our body goes through different stages of a sleep cycle. Most people have an internal clock, or circadian rhythm, that is regulated by normal daylight and nighttime hours. Light, the “enemy of sleep,” can be an obstacle for people trying to sleep during unconventional times. Night shift workers, students, and travelers suffering jet lag (just to name a few) all might need to sleep at some point during the daytime. By using an effective sleep mask, sleepers can block out the sun and get much needed quality rest. Related: Benefits of a Sleep Mask

Less Interrupted Sleep

Sunlight is not the only obstacle to uninterrupted sleep! Light from alarm clocks, headlights from a passing car shining through the window, and light from other household members are all examples of ways light can affect our sleep even during the night. Even if you don’t think you face these problems, using a sleep mask when sleeping is still a good idea to try. Distracting light at night can pull you out of necessary parts of your sleep cycle sooner than you need—even if you don’t consciously realize that it’s happening! Related: How to Pick Out a High Quality Sleep Mask

Easier to Sleep Anywhere

If a sleep mask blocks light to help you sleep better any time, then a natural benefit would be that they allow you to sleep almost anywhere! Sleep masks allow you to sleep better in non-typical sleep environments:
  • Travelers on airplanes, busses, or trains can catch a few extra ZZZ’s.
  • College students who use sleep masks don’t have to worry about being kept up all night by a roommate’s study lamp.
  • People living in parts of the world with irregular day/night hours (close to the Arctic Circle, for example) can keep their sleep schedules on track easier.

Sleep Better With a Sleep Mask

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