Sleeping Naked for Better Sleep

For those of us who detest dressing up to lie down to sleep, there’s good news! It turns out that there are some great benefits to sleeping naked.

Keep Yourself Cool

One way to get better sleep at night is by keeping our sleep environments at a cooler temperature of about 65-68 degrees (Fahrenheit).

By wearing clothing to bed, we actually run the risk of disturbing our sleep! A 2008 study shows that sometimes, even a body temperature increase of as little as 1.1 degrees (Fahrenheit) can result in poorer sleep.

Since studies show that poor sleep can negatively affect how our bodies respond to stress, sleeping naked could be a natural remedy for calmer days.

Look Forward to Deeper Sleep

Less stress is not the only benefit you can look forward to by sleeping naked. Regulating your body temperature by getting rid of unnecessary clothing “increases the depth of your sleep and reduces the number of times you wake up in the night.”

Sleeping naked might be the way you get better sleep at night. Getting better sleep at night could just be the key to improving your overall wellbeing. Those who get better quality sleep at night tend to have better cognitive function, improved muscle recovery, maintain healthy relationships, stave off illness, and more.

Get Started Today!

What are you waiting for? There are even more possible benefits of sleeping naked that we haven’t mentioned here, but you won’t be able to find out how it could change your life until you get started!

If you’re looking to sleep naked as a way to get better quality sleep at night, we recommend that you consider sleeping ALMOST naked and don one of our light blocking silk sleep masks.

A sleep mask is a great way to sleep better naturally. Check out our blog on the subject, How a Sleep Mask Contributes to Better Sleep, and check out our selection of stylish handmade sleep masks available in our online store.

Sweet Dreams,

--The SleepSwag Team

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