Sleep Tips For New Moms

Soooo, you thought you couldn’t sleep when you were pregnant right? Everyone kept telling you, “sleep now while you can before the baby comes”. And you’re all like, but everything hurts, its so hard being pregnant, I have to pee all night long, yada yada excuses, excuses.. Then wham, baby is born and you have never experienced anything quite like this delirium in your entire life. Welcome to motherhood! I totally thought I had it all planned and knew exactly what to expect because I read everything on the planet to prepare myself. But truly, nothing can prepare you for becoming a mother overnight. Nothing.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing, and it’s not the kind of sleep deprivation like from your party days when you used to stay up all night then go to work or school the next day on little to no sleep. No, this is like for real sleep deprivation. Like seeing shadow people and not making sense when you speak exhaustion. So do yourself a favor, and take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby! This is the shortest season of life, although it may feel like the longest while you’re in the thick of it. Embrace it because it is so fleeting! Things will never be the same but in a good way. Motherhood is so exciting because you never know when or if you are going to sleep ever again! But I’m here to tell you, you will, it gets easier, and take advantage of the tools and tricks available to you.

tip #1  

One thing I swear by and I absolutely can’t live without, even before motherhood when I thought I had trouble sleeping (ha!), is a sleep mask. It will change your life. I am to the point where I can’t sleep without one. It blocks out all the light and basically forces you to close your eyes and keep them closed. The sleep masks from SleepSwag feel heavenly, so comfortable, and light on your face. I mean, they are silk so enough said! I even travel with mine, like I said I have trained my body that when that mask goes on, it’s time for sleep. There are all sorts of science behind this and I won’t bore you, just trust me. It works! Especially during those daytime naps when you’re supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps that no one ever does because um laundry, dishes, cleaning, self-care, washing your hair for the first time in who knows how long!

tip #2

Put the phone down honey. And turn off the TV. I know you’ve heard this, but blue lights and stimuli from phones and TV’s kill sleep. I am super guilty of the phone thing, but the sleep mask honestly forces me to close my eyes. If you have a baby monitor by your bedside, turn it down a little. You don’t need to blast it. Hell, our mom spidey senses can hear that baby through the wall if they are in need, so chill on the volume. Babies make noises all night long anyways, so this way you aren’t waking up at every grunt and random noise. Bottom line, electronics and sleep do not mix.

tip #3

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. From your partner, family, friends, whoever. You are not in this alone! New parenthood can be super isolating, and combined with the lack of sleep and new pace of life it can really take a toll. Even just a simple covered dish from a friend or some help with laundry can do wonders. They don’t say it takes a village for nothing!

tip #4

Go to sleep early. This a’int the time to pull all nighters cause you are waking up every 2 hours anyways. So when the baby goes to bed for the “night”, you go to bed too. Infants sleep for short stretches at a time, new moms will likely wake up 2-3 times a night. Going to bed early helps you stay off your feet and enjoy some extra me-time or chill time with your partner. Even if you can’t fall asleep early, as long as you are resting in bed and laying down, that is super helpful. Going to bed early is also good for kids! Studies say that children with earlier bedtimes are healthier and their moms have better mental health. Win win.

tip #5

Have a Bedtime Routine. You’ve read all about how great it is for baby to have a bedtime routine, but guess what? It's great for you too! A bedtime routine prepares your mind and body for sleep. Turn off your phone, taking a bath or shower, listening to calming music while relaxing with a Crystal Infused Eye Pillow, mist your pillow with some Sleep Crystal Mist, or heck spray the whole room with Sleep Room Mist. Do whatever it takes to calm down. Do your best to stick to your bedtime routine so that when it’s time for bed, you will fall asleep easier.

tip #6

Keep a notepad or journal by your bedside. Or you can use your phone's notes but that would violate sleep tip number 2.. If you’re anything like me, as soon as you lay down and close your eyes your mind is flooded with thoughts racing through your mind. “I can’t forget about this”, “don’t forget to do this”, “so-and-so needs this tomorrow”, “I have to remember to reschedule this”. Oh, and the constant worrying. It can be so detrimental! It can be never ending and you can spiral in a split second, killing your chances of getting restful sleep. Write down anything you need to remember for the next day, that way you can ease your mind knowing it is on that piece of paper and you will take care of it in the morning. And if you’re in a worry spiral, take a deep breath. Maybe diffuse some Sleep Aromatherapy. Remember, it is not helping anyone by worrying about things you cannot change or control in that moment or hypothetical situations. Let it go and give yourself peace.

tip #7

Sleep when baby sleeps. Yeah I know, I already mentioned this one. What a cliché, right? Wrong. Just do it. The laundry and cleaning can wait. Who cares, let it pile up. Take care of yourself! And for those daytime naps, a sleep mask helps you fall asleep so much faster! Remember, quality over quantity.

I hope this helps you lift the proverbial fog of new motherhood so you can enjoy your baby and get some good sleep! Give the gift of restful sleep this holiday season with SleepSwag’s amazing lineup including Sleep Masks, Crystal Mists, Eye Pillows, Aromatherapy, and Room Mists. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers!

Thank you to SleepSwag for partnering on this post! I am very selective about who I partner with and only chose to work with brands I truly use and believe in. All statements and opinions in this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of SleepSwag.

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