Why a Sleep Mask is a Dorm Room Essential

August is finally here, and in the United States that means millions of young adults around the world are preparing for another semester of college. Help your student out this year by making sure that a sleep mask is on his/her college packing list. It’s important for your student to prioritize what items he/she will take with them to campus. Here’s why you should make sure a sleep mask is a dorm room essential for your student this school year:

Cut Down on Dorm Life Distractions

A college dorm is definitely not the most sleep-inducing environment. Two roommates on different schedules can make getting a good night’s sleep even harder. When your student is faced with the glaring lamplight of a late-night study session, a handy light blocking sleep mask will save the day! Related Blog: How a Sleep Masks Contributes to Better Sleep

Pack a Sleep Mask for Better Sleep

A sleep mask is a great ally for a hardworking college student. A sleep mask, also known as an eye mask, blocks light so your student can sleep any time of day. That can be a huge help when a quick nap between classes is needed! Because a sleep mask blocks light, there’s less chance for sleep to be interrupted. Fewer interruptions during a sleep cycle mean a better quality sleep. When your student gets better sleep, he/she will have more energy to make it through the day. Related Blog: 5 Reasons to Take More Naps

Better Sleep for Better Grades

College can be the most exciting, memorable, and stressful time of your student’s life. Unexpected class assignments, difficult course materials, and other factors can lead to an unbalanced sleep schedule. When stressing over academia, it’s extremely important to get enough quality sleep at night. A sleep mask can help students get the sleep they need, which helps keep them physically and mentally prepared for whatever comes their way. Getting better sleep with a sleep mask can also help your student’s overall ability to retain information. Studies show that sleep deprivation actually hinders the ability to learn and remember new information. Sure, your student might see some benefits of an all-night study session. Sometimes, however, it’s better to pull out a sleep mask and get a good night’s sleep the night before a big test. Related Blog: SleepSwag Sleep Masks and Student Success


Order a Sleep Mask Today

SleepSwag sleep masks are incredibly comfortable and available in 20 different patterns for every personality. Shop our styles in our online store today—we can even ship a mask right to your student’s campus mailbox!

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