Yoga, Meditation, and Sleep

We are always on the lookout for different ways to sleep better. We love sleep! This month, we are talking a lot about yoga, meditation, and how the two topics can be related to sleeping. We want those around us to achieve their most restorative sleep so they can function and perform their best and stay healthy. We love to promote and practice natural methods of sleeping, and realize that incorporating aids and techniques--like yoga and meditation--can help achieve a better rest.


Stress has an annoying habit of creeping up on us and affecting our bodies in less than ideal ways. At night, when we are trying to rest, it can present itself as pain or discomfort from tense muscles. Long term, stress can cause a myriad of other health problems.

Research by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that "small amounts of routine physical activity" such as muscle-strengthening activities like yoga, "may improve your sleep and overall well-being." By scheduling a little bit of yoga in your routine, you can help stretch your muscles, clear your mind, and prepare your body for the enjoyment of a restful night. The Wellness Team of The Cleveland Clinic of Cleveland, Ohio seems to be on board and released a great blog (with videos!) on the topic:  7 Yoga Poses to Help You Get Better Sleep Our tip:  Using a sleep mask during certain yoga poses can enhance the effectiveness and restorativeness of the practice. By blocking out distractions with an eye mask, you can focus more on your inner self for a more calming experience.


While physical symptoms of stress can cause problems for sleepers, some people sleep poorly because their mind just can't seem to rest! Yoga Journal released an article promoting a regular routine of meditation:  7 Amazing Holistic Brain Benefits of Meditation The article states:
A slew of scientific studies suggest that mindfulness meditation offers some powerful holistic health benefits. And while researchers caution that no one study should be interpreted as a prescription for treatment, mindfulness is increasingly being considered a viable complement to conventional health care.

When a person utilizes meditation to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental strain, research suggests that he/she can see an improvement in the handling of future stressful situations. Our tip:  Just like with yoga, an eye mask can be extremely useful in a meditation routine by blocking out distractions so you can focus on what is important:  your overall wellbeing.

Trial and Error Approach

Everyone's journey to better rest and overall wellbeing is unique. Where using a sleep mask might be the best fix for one person, another might need to also think about learning more about yoga and/or meditation. Some benefits of incorporating yoga and/or meditation into a routine are that they are natural methods and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. By taking better care of yourself, you can also prevent future doctor visits, saving you on health care costs! We found this article about a yoga and meditation combination approach, specifically in relation to transcendental meditation:  Julia Tulsi Bagnoli:  Yoga, meditation and feeling at home in India We highly recommend checking out the article, and the rest of the Transcendental Meditation News and More site, to learn more about how meditation has changed peoples' lives.

Sleep Aids

When a person invests in a sleep aid, it can mean the difference between stressful nights of tossing and turning, or satisfying nights of comfort and blissful rest. If you're reading this right now, you are already a click away from one such luxury! We offer high-quality silk eye masks that are delightfully comfortable and handmade in the United States. By incorporating a sleep mask in your nightly routine,  you can block out unwanted light that your brain registers while you are sleeping. While the luxurious feel of one of our SleepSwag masks can help you drift off to a peaceful rest, it can also be an effective addition to maximize the benefits of practices such as yoga and meditation. Overall, we have found that all of these are ways that can help someone achieve a better rest. While the path we take might be different for each of us, if we're able to achieve a better sleep it makes the world seem like a better place, doesn't it?

*We're not here to diagnose to treat anyone. We're just crazy sleep lovers who want to make people happy and sleep better through the use of sleep masks, which you can find here in our shop. If you have concerns about your health, we always recommend consulting a trusted doctor.

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